A rant on “Just Sayin’”

Grates on me.
If you use this in your day-to-day, hit the showers.
I understand that when we retired “Whatever”, you needed a quick fix. You took the easy way out.
Don’t try to compensate for a lack of humor with the same bullshit crutch ever other loser grasping for personality does.
It’s shit. And if you use it, you’re shit.
All that being said, if you truly want to be a ground breaker, try some of these out and get back to me:

Denise, those jeans make your ass look as wide as a racquetball court. Just sayin’.

Hey, Bob! About time you hit the Oral Hygienist…Just sayin’.

Your kid looks like E.T. fell down a flight of stairs. Just sayin’.

It’s not you, it’s me. And your yeast infection. Just sayin’.

Be ahead of the curve and retire this horseshit unless you want to sound like every other wannabe hip spare on the block.

Man, you suck. Just sayin’.